Ghami School in the region of Mustang (Nepal)

The purpose of the association is to promote an educational system that allows the inhabitants of Mustang to create a new generation prepared to confront modernity and globalization whilst remaining sensitive to their historical and cultural heritage.

What is the Pietro Taricone Onlus Organization?

The first project of the Pietro Taricone Onlus is to build a school that will ensure that the children of Mustang complete a series of basic studies from elementary to middle school for them to adquire the general knowledge and formation they are completely lacking of today and are therefore unable to be compared equally with the modern world.

In order to achieve such goal it is necessary to develop and implement an aducational system that promotes educational awareness and the maintenance of Mustangi culture, through the study of the history of the place and its traditions and by encouraging the local community to create a whole new advanced dimension aware of its historical roots and cultural identity.

To put it in one sentence: helping to develop the culture of their own culture.

The lack of a qulity educational proposal, together with the absence of educational facilities in Mustang, is causing a migration of their culture, so that families who are financialy able to support the education of their children (about 5-7% of population) favor the removal of the young people, which usually takes 10-15 years and often becomes final.

For all other less fortunate ones there are no open doors to be found other than illiteracy and social degradation.

Recent insights

20151023 (583)

Great success at the evening “Together for Nepal”

Our charity evening “ Together for Nepal”, was held Friday 23rd October in the theatre 1st Cinecittà, in the last week on the tenth edition of the Party of the cinema in Roma. It was a  big success. An event…


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