Our IBAN is IT25 U010 0503 2390 0000 0001 000


To help us you can devote 5×1000 of IRPEF in support of Mustang people. Such choice does not entail a a charge being a part of the tax to which the state gives.
If you don’t choose what to do with your 5×1000, such part fo your taxes will go to the State.

How to donate 5×1000 to the Pietro Taricone Onlus:
It is incredibly easy!
-fill in the form 730, the CUD or the Unique Form (Modello Unico)
-sign in the “support of non-profit social organizations of social promotion…”
-Specify the tax identification number of the organization: 97677400588

If you don’t complete a tax return, can you devote 5×1000 to the Pietro Taricone Onlus? Of course you can!
Ask your emplyer or agency paying your pension the form and hand it (filled in and in a sealed envelope) to a post office, a bank or a qualified intermediary for telematic intercharge (CAF, accountants, etc.)
On the envelope you must write DESTINAZIONE CINQUE PER MILLE IRPEF indicating your full name and the social security number of the taxpayer.