Following the serious earthquake which stroke against Nepal, the Pietro Taricone Onlus decided to raise funds and intervene along with Francesco Rava Foundation and the Comitato Mahmud with “humanitarian helps” in one of the most destroyed areas.

After a series of contacts made by our representatives with local governmental organizations and international ones, it was decided to create an humanitarian project in the Thakani area, in the northern part of Kathamndu.

Thakani, the area where the project is operating, is placed on the Sindhupalchowk “District”, two hours and a half walking away from Kathamndu. This district is very close to the earthquake’s epicenter and turned out to be one of the most damaged. On this area, there are several between dead and missing, with almost 90% of houses being completely destroyed. Survivors currently live in makeshift tents without food, medicine, and lacking potable water.

10 volunteers and 4 doctors have taken part to our project. We have purchased material necessities like food, drugs and tents for about 2000 inhabitants. Aids are carried with assisted convoys and distributed to local people.

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