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Great success at the evening “Together for Nepal”

Our charity evening “ Together for Nepal”, was held Friday 23rd October in the theatre 1st Cinecittà, in the last week on the tenth edition of the Party of the cinema in Roma. It was a  big success.

An event of great elegance and warmth, conducted by Neri Marcoré who exited the participants and promoters, who have collected through direct donation, more than 160 thousand euro in favor the association. The proceeds of the evening will be used in part for the construction of the school in Ghami, in part to deal the emergency earthquake and reconstruction of a school destroyed a few months ago by the earthquake. To make it possible al the help of Désirée Colapietro Petrini, that thanks the participation of friends and companies,  achieved this importante target.

Taking part at the evening last Friday 350 people of the world of entertainment and business, politics, sport and culture. Between these: Luigi Abete, the author of the set design  Dante Ferretti con la moglie Francesca Lo Schiavo, Piera Detassis, Franco Bassanini and Linda Lanzillotta, Domenico Procacci, Anna Coliva, Maite e Paolo Bulgari, Massimo and Lorenza Caputi, Luigi and Raffaella Chiariello, Claudio Lotito, Marina Cicogna, Marilù Gaetani d’Aragona, Pepi Marchetti Franchi, Claudia e Giuseppe Cornetto Bourlot, Innocenzo Cipolletta and Anna Boccaccio, Aurelio e Luigi De Laurentiis, Giovanni Malagò, Maurizio and Barbara Stirpe, Albino Ruberti, Paolo Del Brocco and Paola Marchesini, Raffaella Leone, Giampaolo and Rossana Letta, Roberto Pisoni e Dino Vannini, Brunetto Tini e Sabrina Florio, Marco Belardi and Catherina Shula, Nicola Maccanico, Beppe Fiorello and Eleonora Pratelli, Claudia Gerini and Federico Zampaglione, Laura Delli Colli, Enrico Mentana, Chicco Testa, Mauro Luchetti and Carolina Terzi, Antonello Piroso, Roberto Napoletano, Filippo Nigro, Sabrina Impacciatore, Lillo Petrolo, Valeria Marini, Moira Mazzantini, Nicoletta Romanoff, Alessandro Roja, Fabrizia Sacchi, Anna Ferzetti, Valeria Solarino and Giovanni Veronesi, Andrea Perroni, Francesco Montanari and Andrea Delogu, Ornella Muti, Daniele Nannuzzi, Darina Pavlova, Massimiliano Faranda and Sara Farnetti.

During the evening were shown striking images of Nepal taken by kasia Smutniak in one of he recent trips and after that the exhibition of Alex Britti, who sang and danced with the audience with some of his most famous songs, a further fundraising was done with a fun lottery, for which have been called to sell the tickets, 8 really young volunteers headed by Désirées daughter Geneva and from Sofia Ravello. Among the prizes donated from friends and companies: the harmonica and the autographed photo of Francesco De Gregori,  handbags of Jimmy Choo and Stella McCartney, a bracelet designed by Ludovica Andreoni, costume autographed by the champion Tania Cagnotto, the cap autographed by the swimming champion Gregorio Paltrinieri, Francesco Tottis’ official jersey from AS Roma, a cashmere cape of Laura Biagiotti, glasses and autographed photo of Lina Wertmuller, autographed by the champions of the oar Rowing World 4 no Marco Di Costanzo, Matthew Castaldo, Matthew and Joseph Near Lodo, ​​the official SS Laszio ball autographed by the team, a premium voucher offered by Shiseido, a stay for two people offered by QCTerme Spas & Resort, a voucher online shopping offered by Alberto Guardiani , a stay at The Milestone in London, Kensington offered by The Leading Hotels of the World and a Tod’s Cape Bag made of leather with metal details.

To win the racket autographed by the champion Roberta Vinci, was Valeria Solariano, for which Giovanni Veronesi, just to pay homage to comrade the tennis fan, he improvised a hilarious auction, further contributing to the already high amount of tickets sold:16 thousand Euros total. All the proceeds of the evening with also the contribution of other friends that were absent such as Verdiana Bixio, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Luca Parnasi, Carla and Roberto Cappelli and Carla Fendi, Roberta Armani Cristina Lucchini Riccardo Milani, Silvia Fendi donated to the charity. The charity dinner was also made possible through the efforts of the technical sponsors who contributed the cost reduction,the only ones that are incurred among them, companies Ceretto wines, Falesco for bubbles, Oreste flowers for the floral arrangements, the hostess of Tooget and driver service and security of W3. All the artistic contributions are free of charge.

A special thanks to Desirée Colapietro Petrini that made possible this great event, Rolando Ravello member of the association  as well as director of the event Cinecittà Studios, Lancia, Alex Britti, Neri Marcorè, Dante Ferreti, Francesca Lo Schiavo, Daniele Nannuzzi and the Festival of the cinema of Roma.

We would also like to thanks who help to make possible this magical event giving us a precious others with his work, those with the donation. Many thanks to all of you.

Gallery ( Credits: Maurizio Riccardi )



This video has been realized the 23rd October 2015 for the charity night “Together for Nepal” , with which we have raised more than 160,000 € and it summarized in 4 minutes our long and challenging project: the construction of a school in Ghami, now almost completed, after the terrible earthquake that struck Nepal and our help in reconstruction.

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