A teaching and educational project

The purpose of the organization is to promote an educational system that allows the inhabitants of the Mustang to create a new generation prepared to confront modernity and globalization, while remaining sensitive to their historical and cultural heritage, in full respect of the traditional activities.

The curriculum provided will be adapted to the needs of local children and will have as its purpose to preserve and promote a competitive training, in harmony with the environmental conditions of the region. The school will therefore be equipped with not only a basic material for teaching and everyday life, but also a library and equipment necessary to teach children music, arts and crafts.

During classes children will learn, as well as subjects common to all schools in the world (such as mathematics and geometry, local and global geography, Tibetan and world history, science, etc..), the Tibetan language, the English language, Tibetan culture and traditions.

In addition to these disciplines, children will be placed, also depending on the personal inclinations of each individual, in writing classes, music, sewing, as well as a possible natural Tibetan medicine laboratory, and in other fun, playful activities, which will enhance interaction and socialization. To this we will add specific lessons to sensitize children to care for themselves, from food, to gym, rules, personal hygiene. The project also aims to raise awareness of the wider community about the importance of proper nutrition, not only through direct campaigns of information – difficult to implement at first – but also through “word of mouth” that the children themselves can bring to their families, and therefore to their villages, once back home ..Teachers will be selected among people originally from Mustang who have moved abroad and operate as teachers in western countries, where they have acquired advanced training and who are willing to return to Mustang and remain there for a long period of time.

The Pietro Taricone Onlus Organization has already started contacts with people willing to move to Ghami. In fact, the academic level is not appropriate to provide short courses of teaching: teachers must become a solid reference point for the kids. It is not considered possible to use mere volunteers as teachers, who can spend only a few months in Mustang.The classes will be formed by assigning each village some “shares” based on the number of children, reserving 30% to the Ghami village who donated the land. Then children will be accepted from any village in Mustang, up to a maximum that will allow the optimal management of the center.


  1. Fregoli
    7 years ago Reply

    Bellissima questa foto dei bimbi!

  2. pina suriano
    6 years ago Reply

    il progetto educativo e didattico è ottimo,vi faccio i migliori auguri perchè abbiate abbastanza risorse in mezzi e persone competenti per questo lungo viaggio della cultura che vi propone(ins.te in pensione)

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